eLearning Signup 1-2-3

Get your child started eLearning with the 21st Century Kids Academy in 3 simple steps:
Step 3 - Select courses, wait for materials to arrive, and start eLearning!
  • Select the eLearning programs and activities of interest. Our initial launch of the 21st Century Kids Academy is limited to only a few programs, so that we are able to evaluate the system's functionality and kid-friendliness in an effort to make it the best eLearning platform available. Make sure to visit your child's eLearning page regularly, as we have several eLearning programs and activities under development, with a target of having dozens of programs and activities available on an ongoing, rotating basis.
  • If you have a card on file with us, we will use that card for payment, or you can use our payment provider to make a single payment. Also, please note that you can use a credit balance in your AfterCare Plus account to pay for any 21st Century Kids Academy programs and activities.
  • Shortly after you've registered, materials for the registered program or activity will be packaged and shipped to you. While waiting for materials to arrive and for the program to start, your child may access the 21st Century Kids Academy, to see what we have planned for them and to start their eLearning experience with a practice activity. The 21st Century Kids Academy may be accessed by visiting 21stcenturykids.academy or eLearn.fun
  • More information about hands-on activities and materials management is available here.