Hands-On Activities

Hands-on activities make the difference!

Hands-on activities are essential for child development, and are an integral part of the 21st Century Kids Academy. Every eLearning program includes a variety of hands-on activities, using materials that are shipped directly to your door at no additional cost. Supplies and class sizes are limited, so register your child today!
We carefully evaluate all activities for quality and appropriateness, and how they can be differentiated to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners. 21st Century Kids programs and activities are known for their quality and kid-friendliness, and we are continuing this tradition with our eLearning offerings in the 21st Century Kids Academy.
Receiving and managing materials
Shortly after you've registered, materials for the registered program or activity will be packaged and shipped to you. While waiting for materials to arrive and for the program to start, your child may access the 21st Century Kids Academy, to see what we have planned for them and to start their eLearning experience with a practice activity. The 21st Century Kids Academy may be accessed by visiting 21stcenturykids.academy or eLearn.fun
Once the materials arrive at your home, make sure that an adult is present to look through the contents with your child, paying careful attention to the included note for parents. Materials will be separated into bags or small boxes marked with the applicable session or step number, and should not be opened before they needed for an activity. Be certain to read any safety notes and decide if your child should be supervised during specific activities.
Please ensure that your child does not have access to materials before they are actually needed, as it is important to the structure of the program or activity and materials may be lost or used inaccurately, resulting in a need for replacement. Replacement parts may not be readily available, and if they are, materials charges and shipping costs will apply.
Monitoring your child's progress
If you opted in while registering for an eLearning experience, we will email you throughout the duration of the program about your child's participation and status. You can change this setting at any time from your child's eLearning page, accessible through your AfterCare Plus parent account.
At the completion of a 21st Century Kids Academy program or activity, your child will earn one or more online badges and a printable certificate in recognition of their participation and success. We will also notify you of your child's achievements and recommended next steps, which will be accessible through your child's eLearning page in your AfterCare Plus account, and by email if you opted in.