AfterCare Plus FAQ

2020-21 school year -- Updated March 3, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. It's tax time and I need your tax ID number and/or copies of my invoices. Where can I download my tax information?

A. Our tax ID and your registration and payment details are always available in your online parent account. When you log in it's the first thing you will see, and for this tax season we've improved our system with more detailed accounting, and the ability to review and print invoices for quickly identifying transactions and relevant dates of service. Click here to log in to your AfterCare Plus account.

Please understand that we are unable to provide customized invoicing or assurances that you might somehow be reimbursed by your employer or flexible spending account provider. We also can't offer tax advice or recommendations, as everyone's tax situation is different, and tax law can be rather complicated.

Q. Is aftercare available at Bell for my child's in-person school days?

A. After opening registration in February, we found that most families are still hesitant about returning their children to in-person school. After careful consideration and collaboration, we reached a decision to postpone our aftercare and after-school program offerings until the 4th quarter of school, which starts the week of April 19th. You may register your children for aftercare sessions on Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday, depending on the days they will be learning in-person at school with their teachers and friends.

As we must maintain small, consistent groupings ("pods") of students to avoid wider COVID-19 exposure risks, we anticipate only being able to offer quarterly registrations for the remainder of this school year. Also, regrettably and for the same reason, we will not be able to offer drop-in days for the time being.