The 21st Century Kids Academy

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We are proud to announce the launch of our new eLearning portal, the 21st Century Kids Academy, where children are provided year-round access to our most popular enrichment programs, engaging hands-on activities, and meaningful interactive experiences.
In the 21st Century Kids Academy, online learning is supplemented with materials needed for the guided, hands-on activities integrated into all of our eLearning experiences. Materials are organized and packaged for kid-friendly simplicity, and then promptly shipped to your home.
Our transition into eLearning
21st Century Kids LLC has been providing after-school enrichment programs and activities to children across the United States for more than a decade. Children identify with us and our brand, and parents appreciate the engaging hands-on activities we provide to their children.
Over the years, school administrators have expressed that the primary reason our enrichment programs are successful and in demand is based on the quality and scope of the hands-on activities we provide in our structured, standards-based learning experiences. Additionally, they have indicated that the primary reason we connect with children across grade levels is that we differentiate instruction to meet the needs and interests of all learners, making sure that all children are engaged, regardless of age, capabilities, or experience.
We've seen that working on and completing hands-on activities in our after-school programs improves children's self-confidence and sense of self-worth, especially when they learn new skills and are able to take completed projects home to share with family and friends. As kids benefit from structured and engaging hands-on activities, they are our primary focus.
And while we are proponents of using technology in education, we've been careful about our venture into eLearning and how we integrate technology into our curriculum and instruction. Technology is a powerful tool in our toolboxes, but the virtual world has limitations, especially within elementary education. Many children, especially boys, benefit from the use of concrete representations to help build a foundation on which they may comfortably explore abstract concepts and develop higher-order thinking skills. Visual experiences and interactions with laptops and tablet computers often don't equate to meaningful learning, especially for kids.
We believe that successful eLearning at the elementary school level generally requires a hands-on component providing the concrete learning foundation that children need, and because of this we now offer hands-on eLearning with the 21st Century Kids Academy.