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AfterCare Plus
by 21st Century Kids
Quality aftercare plus free enrichment activities every school day!
Daily homework help and support! Kid-friendly, standardized test prep coming soon!

Quality & affordable aftercare

AfterCare Plus is a quality aftercare and enrichment alternative that provides a robust after-school experience at a very reasonable price. Once you compare our offering to other programs available at your child's school and in the community, we know you will find value in what's included with AfterCare Plus:

  • Study, homework, technology, and creative time
  • Engaging social experiences and collaborative activities
  • Healthy snack breaks, outdoor fitness and fun time
  • Free enrichment activities aligned with school goals
  • And up to 50% off 21st Century Kids electives and eLearning offerings!

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Free & fun enrichment for all

With AfterCare Plus, your child gets to participate in their choice of free, fun, and academically engaging activities every school day. While specialty enrichment options are made available at discounts to our customers, all AfterCare Plus students benefit from free daily activities including:

  • Grade-level activities and challenges
  • Creative design (arts and crafts)
  • LEGO designing and engineering
  • Coding, robotics, and electronics
  • Animation and video game creation
  • Chess instruction and challenges
  • And much, much more!

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A partnership you can trust

AfterCare Plus helps reinforce schoolday learning concepts through a variety of fun and engaging after-school activities. We partner with elementary schools to align enrichmnent offerings with school goals.

For 2023-24, AfterCare Plus is available exclusively at A.G. Bell School in Chicago. Our partnership with Bell is based on a decade of providing quality after-school programs to Bell families. Because of our attention to detail and our commitment to quality, AfterCare Plus has become a popular aftercare option at Bell.

We are currently expanding our offerings at Bell, as well as planning to provide AfterCare Plus to a few select schools that are also aligned with our mission and objectives. If your school might be a good match for our AfterCare Plus offering, have your school's principal contact us before 2024-2025 locations are filled!

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