Sponsor a Child

Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation to sponsor an eLearning experience for a child whose family can't afford it.

We live in challenging and stressful times, especially for children. Schools are closed and kids are unable to visit friends or spend time with family and loved ones, especially those who are elderly. At this very moment, the majority of children are scared, lonely, and have nothing meaningful to do with their time.
This troubling situation that children have been forced into is no fault of their own, and they don't need or deserve the frustration, stress, and fear of the unknown that will ultimately lead them into depression, in addition to disconnection from family and the world around them.
Schools and enrichment providers have started offering online learning options, but these options are quite limited and typically don't provide hands-on activities, which are essential for child development. In the 21st Century Kids Academy, hands-on activities are an integral and engaging part of the eLearning experience, and every eLearning program includes a variety of hands-on activities using materials that are shipped directly to children's homes.
However, 21st Century Kids Academy eLearning experiences have associated costs, and a child's socioeconomic status should not be a bar to their learning and ultimate well-being, especially in today's world. You can help make a difference in providing hands-on eLearning to children whose families have limited resources. Please sponsor a child's eLearning today!
Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to sponsor a child's eLearning experience!
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