Chess at Bell School

Info provided for Bell parents interested in Bell Chess and the new Chess Team.

* CPS Chess Tournament on Saturday, October 21, 2023 *

Parents of Bell children interested in their child participating in the first CPS chess tournament of the 2023-24 school year should complete the interest form not later than 12:00pm on Monday, October 9th, but we are limited to 15 student participants and CPS has a limit of 500 participants for the entire tournament, so it's important that you submit your child's interest form as soon as possible!

Click here to access the Interest Form

Chaperones are also needed, but CPS Level 1 Volunteer status is required. Click here to start the application or click here for more information.

More information will be posted as it becomes available, or feel free to contact us.

Basic info (work in progress) (Updated 9/12/23)

In the beginning of the program all the students will start by learning the same opening for White and Black. London and Caro Khan.

After learning the openings, we will look at the most useful tactics to know through the lens of those openings. To study these tactics, we will solve puzzles.

As the CPS tournament season progresses the coach will provide the parents with additional tournament opportunities.

The coach is limited to bring 15 students to the CPS tournaments. Therefore, everyone will not be able to go to every CPS tournament. The following process is our plan for participation in tournaments:

1. Students who participate in the Wednesday Chess Team Workshop are automatically eligible to participate;

2. If there are seats remaining, students who participate in the Wednesday Tournament Chess program will be chosen by lottery;

3. If there are seats remaining, students will be selected through a lottery from a waiting list of interested students;

NOTE: At this time there are more than 15 students enrolled in Tournament Chess. To ensure your child will be able to participate in CPS chess tournaments, your child should participate in Chess Team Workshop. These kids will be practicing with us for almost 2 hours every week and will be working closely with Coach Lamar which is a true benefit to the team. We are updating our system to accommodate late registrations for Chess Team Workshop. To register while we are updating, please contact us.

Regardless of who attends tournaments, all tournament wins are celebrated as team wins regardless of who goes because the players make each other better in class every week. At non-CPS tournaments, team and individual trophies are awarded, but the parents are responsible for their own kids at these events.

The CPS tournament season runs from October 21, 2023 - March 16, 2024.



• Notate games in class.

• Practice by playing 2 games daily. Minimum Time Control 10/5 or 15 minutes.

• Display good Sportsmanship.

• Never resign. In class we give our teammates the opportunity to practice checkmates. In tournaments we must not assume that our opponents know how to checkmate or won't simply make a mistake.


• Volunteer to chaperone at least 1 CPS tournament.

• Make sure kids are playing 2 games daily to practice.

• Give coach suggestions to improve the program

• Help to plan your child's downtime in between rounds at tournaments.

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